The UE Reference Remastered is the second collaboration with Capitol Records Studios developed with their engineers to provide the Ultimate Hi-Res listening experience.

Play | Produce | Mix | Enjoy

For those who want to experience the nuances and details of hi-res recordings, whether you’re in the studio, at home or on the road. Now, you can now hear the harmonic structures and overtones that are usually missing from most headphones through the UE Pro’s proprietary True Tone drivers, which extend the frequency range.
Hi-res audio recordings can be heard just the way it was captured in the studio.

Although this monitor was designed for studio, audiophiles all over the world have been raving about the Reference Remastered and musicians also love to even use it to perform live on stage. Whether you are singing, working on your tone, playing guitar or making keys patches,
this IEM is a treat to your ears!

All of our custom inears will ship with the UE IPX SuperBax Stage Cable and a carry case engraved with your name.